SC: Pattern Acquired!

The patten came in the mail! It’s finally here! I’m going to go fabric shopping tomorrow. I’m not sure if I should get a pattern or just a solid color. I guess I’ll see what I like tomorrow. If you’d like to start making it with me, comment below and I can wait till you get your pattern and fabric. Common, it’ll be fuuuuuuuun!

Also don’t forget to vote for me at the CCCOE team Mother’s Day contest! I’m #17 Mother’s Love Cocktail Hat! Voting ends TOMORROW! You’ll also be entered to win a treasury spot if you have an Etsy store! So AWESOME!

Aaaand I just posted a new item in my store: check it out!

img12 005

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Fascinating Saturdays

Check out this cool fascinator Gabouray Sidibe (form Precious) wore for her SNL host pictures! It’s a pretty incredible piece and she pulls it off SO WELL! I don’t think that I could have pulled that off, at least not that well. HA!
If anyone knows who it’s made by, I would love to know!

You can catch the episode on hulu, right here.

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Guess what? I was featured in a treasury! Check it out here!

I’ve also been crazily making new designs, here’s a sneak peak:

img10 img7
img11 img12
img8 img9

Don’t be shy! If you like what you see, please comment below!

Thanks everyone!

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Secret Garden

Recently, I’ve been starting to see more hats and fascinators on girl’s heads when I go out dancing, most likely taking inspiration from Jo Hoffberg and Sharon Davis (man, are they beautiful). But, thanks to the wonderful and multi-talented Kennly, I have grown more attached to hair flowers. They are so easy, they look so awesome and they are SO versatile. Plus, if you’re in a jack and jill or strictly and you’re wearing a bright flower on your head, there is no way you won’t get noticed.

IMG_1104I purchase mine from Kennly on Blooming Vintage. These are the best hair flowers you will ever find anywhere; they are very light and they stay on your head all night with no adjustments. Most of the time I forget I’m even wearing one.

So I decided to show you some ways you can wear hair flowers so you’re not just clipping them in the same place on your hair. I have five different flowers but even if you have only one it doesn’t meant that you have to wear it the same way all the time.

IMG_1248 IMG_1250

I just attached the flower to a simple elastic head band (it’s like a large hair elastic). I like the contrast between this thick flower and the thin and barely noticeable elastic.
TIP: So instead of clipping the flower to your hair you can play around and clip in to head bands, hair ties, ribbons, hats, clothes, necklaces?

IMG_1253 IMG_1256

Speaking of ribbons, you could also attach them to the back of the flower. I just quickly scrunched up a fairly long stand and strategically placed the flower in the middle of the cute mess.
TIP: If you don’t like this kooky, messy look, you could also make individual loops that gather in the center and fasten it in he middle with the flower.

IMG_1229 IMG_1234

More ribbons! I clipped this pink flower on to a ribbon and simply tied it around my head. I tie my bow at the back of my head, and I think it looks especially cool if the ribbon is thick and the bow is large.
TIP: If you’d like to do this to go out dancing I strongly suggest using bobby pins to hold the ribbon in place so it doesn’t slide off in the middle of a dance.

IMG_1236 IMG_1240

You could also clip the flower on the the middle of the bow. I think that a big bow at the front of your head looks very flapper-esque. Also, don’t forget to play around with the placement of the flower on your head. I part my hair more on my right side and so putting a flower on the left or on the right side of my head can create two different looks, as you can see. You can also combine the previous look with this one by clipping the flower in the middle of the bow and then putting the bow at the back of your head.
TIP: I tied the ribbon around my head in a bow first and then gently slid one of the prongs of the clip through the knot.

IMG_1207 IMG_1214

Next, I played around with feathers. I have a bunch of these big black ostrich feathers lying around. The stem is short but the feathery part is long so it flows really well and just rests on your hair, and because they are short (not a full length ostrich feather) they are perfect to use with these little flowers. I used just one feather with this white flower because of how delicate it looks.
TIP: You could glue in the feathers permanently to keep them in place, but I prefer to stick them through the part of the clip on the hair flower where the spring is that keeps the clip closed. This keeps the feathers from falling out and makes it easy when you want to use the same feather with a different hair flower or when you just happen to feel like wearing the flower by itself.

IMG_1217 IMG_1220

I stacked three feathers on top of each other with this orange flower because I think the bright orange can handle it. You can see that there is much more volume in the feathers in this version.
TIP: You can also play around with the orientation of the feathers. Depending on the way you point the feather, straight up, straight down, towards the back of your head, towards your face, slightly up (like in the pictures), etc. you can get different shapes and looks, just like you would with a fascinator. I feel like when you add feathers to the hair flowers it becomes a fascinator by itself, but a very unique one. You could even clip the flower to fascinators or feather pads you already have.

IMG_1260 IMG_1263

Don’t forget to use these flowers by themselves too. They are so beautiful sometimes they deserve the entire spot light! I like to clip mine on a pony tail, it covers the fact that I actually do not have enough hair to make a real pony tail. You can also just use them as regular hair clips, to keep the hair out of your eyes.
TIP: If you just want to wear the hair flower with no additives make sure you are playing around with placement and how much hair the clip is holding back. You could put it high on your head towards the back holding back all of your hair on that side or low and towards the front just floating on the hair, or anything in between!

You can see that you can get a huge variety of looks even from one flower. If you like the more vintage-y style you could look at vintage hairstyle images online to find inspiration on how to wear your hair flowers. Or you just bring your hair flower to Krystina and tell her to make art out of your hair, she’s brilliant. I just kind of mess around until I find something that I like, I’m not too into the vintage look. Also, if you’d like to see more images or different angles of the ideas above click here.

This was fun. 😀

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